Saturday, June 4, 2011

The extraordinary talents of Walda ...

If you have never heard the name Walda Pairon, that's about to change. Without exception, Pairon is known the world over as one of today's most talented and admired interior designers. Her distinctive style is all about casual elegance and is captured beautifully in two books featuring her work, 'At Home With Walda Pairon' and 'Interiors with a Soul.'

From the fireside sitting area and dining space above to the breakfast area below, there is an ease communicated in these settings by Belgian designer Pairon. Photos by Hans Fonk.

Pairon (shown above) really has the art of living down to the finest detail, creating comfortable, distinctive spaces with charm and universal appeal.

She is particularly in her element when designing kitchens and dining spaces that speak to the joys of hearth and home. I'm totally smitten with the kitchen above ... the materials, the color, the light ... every inch of this space is stunning!

Really, how many designers do you know that open their own home twice a year for a public open house? I think she may be the only one. I would most certainly stand in a long line just to see her own cottage near Antwerp anytime of the year. I'll have to polish my Dutch ... oh, wait, I don't speak Dutch. But, as they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

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