Friday, June 17, 2011

Clinking in the closet ...

Grandfather's bistro wine glass with grape etching.
Every moment spent at my maternal grandparent's house was fun and memorable. I adored being at their home, filled with an enormous amount love, laughter and an endless supply of good, homecooked food!

This special place in my heart also held a magical closet filled with my favorite toys, and oddly enough, my grandfather's favorite wine.

My grandfather was a humble man of simple taste, and his evening glass of wine always came from a jug stored in that closet. I watched with fascination as he would pour the dark, red wine into a beautifully etched bistro glass that has since passed through the family to me.

His sweet bistro glass is one of my very favorite family pieces.  Even though I've inheirited multiple sets of lovely wine goblets and sherry glasses, none are as magical as that little glass. Since neither of my parents drank wine, I guess I acquired my grandfather's enjoyment of the vine along with the glassware.


Photo of the classic French Picardie Bistro Glass (above left) from World Market. Above right, Sutton Fitzgerald offers their etched glassware for purchase online.

As you can imagine, I have a special fondness for bistro wine glasses. While they never went out of style in the Old Country (pick any spot on a map of Europe), Americans never really appreciated the utility and beauty of this glassware until recently. Now, these stemless beauties are gaining phenomenal ground in the marketplace and can be found in the trendiest of restaurants and bars.

The Swan Antiques have for sale some 19th century, squat stemmed glasses (shown above) at their shop in the UK, which can be purchased online. I'm quite fond of their lovely antique charm, too.

I do tend to use our stemware for wine tastings and soirees at our house, and I don't keep my wine among the toys and winter coats. But, I do keep grandfather's aged, bistro glass safely in the cupboard until it is time for a special toast!

I will always remember the good things that came clinking out of my grandparents' storage closet, including my fondness for wine!

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