Saturday, June 4, 2011

And the fork ran away with the spoon ...

Even when we're not dining, eating utensils still serve a variety of our needs. In fashion, function and interior design, spoon and fork art is part of a trend celebrating humble tableware.

The whimsical, sterling silver fork bracelet (above left) is one of many jewelry designs crafted and sold by Forkometry.

The fork-links necklace (above right) is showcased by ZTrend in New York.

Votive candles (above) combine the beauty of wood with a dynamic design created with a gracefully sculpted fork. Image via Travelpod.

Why not put those old spoons to work as coat rack hooks. Names have been engraved in these by Wisconsin artist JJ Evenson and are sold (along with lots of other styles) in her Etsy shop.


With a wink, we can celebrate the venerable knife, fork and spoon in larger-than-life imagery. Among my favs for their architectural rendering styles are the canvases at left from Wall Art Styles.  They look like they were doodled on old restaurant cheque.

Above right, interior designer Ashley Wick allows fork art to take center stage in a European-styled kitchen featured in Lonny Magazine.

Why does no one design with meat cleavers? Just wondering ...

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