Saturday, May 21, 2011

Royal connections ...

Painting of the First Earl of Essex by Walter Devereux.
What, there are no painted portraits of royal ancestors in your castle ballroom? Too bad.

If you were a decendant of the First Earl of Essex, you could hang a canvas of this handsome chap and claim an impressive lineage. But, I'm guessing you don't have a ballroom either.

What to do? Shop for some great art that allows you to impress even without a pedigree.

I am thoroughly in love with the canvases (below) featured in a collection from Roche Bobois. This regal pair would look amazing in any room, but they are magnificently striking among the subdued tones of the salon.

You can create whatever familial ties you want to this faceless couple. They can cleverly adorn a room while incognito!  Perfect when you're simply tired of your mundane family and favor an 'enhanced' royal connection.

Did I mention my great, great, great uncle and aunt, the Duke and Duchesse of Hamsterdam, posed for these portraits? Oh, this could be fun. What a hoot!

Contemporary portraits of royals from Roche Bobois.

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