Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nasal passion ...

I will admit I have an obsession. It is the exotic scent of Tuberose. To be exact, it is the extract of the plant Polianthes Tuberosa.

Of course, the flower is undeniably beautiful, but it's the scent that sends me into an aphrodisiatic, drooling, weak-at-the-knees tailspin. I simple adore this fragrance, and when the opportunity arises, I buy a few stems which fill my home with an enticing, perfumed air.

Evidently manufacturers are aware of the tuberose's irresistable force, too.


If you have more money than scents (ha), visit the Private Collection of Estee Lauder for a sensual dose of this night bloomer in their Tuberose Gardenia line. Votivo also produces the alluring tuberosa fragrance in aromatic candles. Jo Malone also combines the two very heady fragrances of gardenia and tuberose in their Vintage Gardenia cologne. Ooh, aah!

I first discovered my passion for tuberose when I bought a bar of handmade soap in a San Francisco, California boutique years ago. Once the bar was used, I couldn't locate another soap of equal quality. So, I planted tuberose bulbs in my garden and nursed them throughout their first year. It wasn't a spectacular success, but the plants lived.

Year two was a dud, and my plants never bloomed.

If all things had been perfect, I could have made a haku lei like the one above (image via the Hula Supply Center), placed it upon my head and paraded around my yard with the sweet scent of my beloved tuberose swirling around me. Unfortunately, it was not to be. 

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