Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bohemian rhapsody ...

I've been assisting my BFF with her wedding plans, and now the big day is just a month away.

Last weekend, we were finally able to go out together to shop for dresses. As the bride, she knew she needed to find THE dress, and I had to wait on her selection to secure mine.

That shopping expedition did cement one thing. We're going bohemian for this ceremony. The wedding is all outdoors ... ceremony and reception following. That eliminated anything heavy or long. It's just too hot during the Texas summer. But, I think the dress at left from Casual Wedding Dresses is perfectly cast for this event. Don't you?


We both love the look of Magnolia Pearl dresses (above). Who couldn't love these gems that are so feminine, definitely bohemian, cool and comfortable. But, they weren't exactly what the bride had in mind for this day. So, we kept on looking.

At last, my BFF found the style she was after. Short, white, blousy, boho dress with three-quarter sleeves. It's very similar to the looks above via I Wedding Dresses (left) and by Juicy Coutour (right).

I lost count, but I believe she purchased no less than six wedding day ensembles on our shopping trip. So, she still hasn't selected a dress for her special day. Although, she does have rows of shopping bags from which to choose. I am at least fairly certain of the theme (unless she goes out shopping again.)

Now, it's my turn to find something to wear. I'm going to whip out my sewing machine and create a bohemian look for my day as Matron of Honor. The bride mentioned her preference for incorporating a coral color, so off I go to the fabric shop.

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The Paper Mulberry said...

Oh how divine and so is your blog! I have just discovered you and am now a new and very happy follower! I am off to make a large pot of tea and sit to enjoy browsing the rest! Warmest wishes - Glenda

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