Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bathing in black & white ...

Not since the Romans introduced the world to the grandeur of their baths have we come close to replicating their decadance. But, I for one, would say that the baths in black and white below offer more temptation than most of us could resist.

Start carting in the marble, boys!

Black and white marble bath with a tub to die for. By designer Celerie Kemble.

Both of the baths above tick all the boxes for beautiful design. Photos via Art & Decoration Magazine (left) and Windsor Smith (right).

Send in the champagne while I soak in my bubble bath! If I drown, I will drown happy in this bath
photographed by Italian photographer Guido Barbagelata

Even with a decidedly urban take in the bath above, the materials, including the corrigated tin and glass shower enclosure, really appeal to me. Image via Remodelista. How I would love to own that sink!

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