Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thrift store score ...

There are some shopping expeditions that lead me to a sparkling pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! And, I just had one of those rare bonanza scores. If you don't hear the excitement in my voice, you are not listening. I am beyond thrilled. I just scored eight Jill Rosenwald pottery plates (shown below) for next to nothing. Holy Schmoly!

You see, I view thrift stores and flea markets as an arena and shopping as a sport.  I enjoy the challenge of looking past dated finishes, tattered fabrics and unfortunate colors to envision a new life for some worthy relic. But, when I find truly collectable art by an influential designer, and it's in perfect condition, and I can buy eight plates that normally sell for $60 each for just $2.99, I am in heaven!

Jill Rosenwald (shown in her Boston studio at left) is one of those truly exciting designers who has created a number of pottery collections that are fresh, vibrant and always at the forefront of design trends.

Her dinnerware has adorned shelves at Neimen Marcus and Barney's New York and will set you back a considerable sum if you want service for eight. So, this thift store score is one of those truly celebrated moments.

My serendipitous find is from Rosenwald's Treats collection shown above in a pattern called Taffy. It is a cheerful 'Easter-fresh' sweet design that beckons the early arrival of Spring.

Now that I have again added to my endless collection of dinnerware, you may eventually see me on an episode of the television program, Hoarders.  That will be me sitting among stacks of dessert plates or inching my way through a maze of soup tureens.

I really do have a plan for these pastel, ceramic jewels in pink, yellow and green. They will work perfectly with a lovely yellow and white striped remnant fabric I picked up for a song and plan to use as a spring soiree tablecloth. Until then, I'll just look at them and smile.


Tara said...

Is your thrift shop gold mine here in SA? Willing to give up a name? I'm not looking for name brand dishes. ;)

Alamodeus said...

Hi Tara,
I regularly visit the San Antonio Goodwill Stores at 281 & Bitters and the new one at 281 & Evans Rd. But I also have great success at Off My Rocker on Olmos Dr.

Alamodeus said...

Ironside Market at IH10 and Wurzbach Rd is also a good source for goodies.

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