Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sleeping beauties ...

I want every overnight visitor in my home to feel like they are staying in a welcoming, warm and serene guest room. But, as I've mentioned in other posts, the current accommodations are rather lackluster. Sure, there's a good bed with the requisite bedside table and lamp, a chest to store clothes and plenty of hangers in the closet. What's missing, however, is a cohesive design style.

I've shared some of the inspirational room photos I've gathered in my previous posts. But, I've saved dozens more that have that certain 'je ne sais quoi' I'm after.

Let's talk about sleek indulgence. The images from Home Fashions (above), Ralph Lauren (below left) and Elie Saab's Paris home (below right) would be perfect if I were leaning toward old Hollywood glamour. Maybe ...

But, I'm more drawn to a traditional European elegance, like shown in the next image via Brabourne Farm.

The photos that follow below turn on the French charm (my favorite) with a distinct Provencal voice.  The image at left is by photographer Tobias Harvey, and at right is a photo from the Hotel d'Albiousse in Uzes, France taken by internationally renown photographer Jordi Canosa.

I'm missing the right architecture to achieve the looks below, but I love them all the same. Here is more of Jordi Canosa's work (next) from Hotel le Clothe du Lethe, followed by the shot he took at Ingrid Forementera (left) and another image sourced from Brabourne Farm.


Sweet dreams are made of this!

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