Saturday, November 27, 2010

Polish the silver ...

While many of us will be polishing the silver for holiday placesettings, a lucky few will be dining UNDER their silver service. I only wish I were one of them.

The Hungry Chandelier above sets the tone for the sleek industrial look fans of designer Ali Siavoshi have come to expect. Photo via 30 Elm.

These two brilliant gems are among my favorites, not only for their style, but their humor as well. At left above, this chandelier appears to incorporate some dear grandmother's tablespoons and her custard mold as well. A similarly lighthearted approach is taken (above right) with the use of sections from a vegetable steamer, gelatin molds, and sherry glasses. Clever, very clever! Photo via Daily Poetics.

Wondering what to do with those mismatched china teacups and silver spoons bequeathed to you by dear Aunt Mildred? Follow the lead of this ingenious craftsman, and turn them into a one-of-a-kind light fixture. Image from Small Studio.


I can't decide if I prefer my recycled cutlery straight or curled. Both images above are moody and utterly appealing. Images via Poetic Home (left) and Mistletoe Lamp from Mothology (right).

Then, there is the amazing work from Canadian lighting designer Francois Legault, some of which is shown below. Beautiful!

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