Friday, November 5, 2010

Mood board muse ...

Professionals in many areas of design work often develop mood boards to create visual representations of their design ideas. Event planners, set designers, interior decorators and personal stylists often use these boards to convey the emotion they wish to portray in their work.

The great thing about creating a board for your own use is that you can include anything that communicates your ideas, whatever they may be.

Perhaps you are building a professional wardrobe or are just trying to define your personal style. Why not take your cue from clothing designers?

Mood boards of designers Michael Kors (above left) and Phillip Lim (below left) show how they developed their apparel lines that are inspired by clipped images and fabric swatches, setting the tone and style for their Fall 2010 collections.
Planning an event? Many brides who are handling their own wedding plans have taken their lead from professionals. Mood boards can bring together all of the elements like color palette, shapes, fabrics, floral designs and celebration ideas that coordinate complementary materials and textures from invitations to receptions.

If you prefer to gather your thoughts digitally, you can create a mood board via computer like this one above from Novia a Esposa or below left from Golden Apple Designs. If cut and paste is more your style, get busy with the scissors and glue like Brian and Jeannie did as they curated images for their own wedding.

How about developing a collage of ideas and inspiration for decorating? Coco Male definitely communicates a modern design sensibility with bold use of color in the board below.


British designer Katie Barrett knows a thing or two about building a board with decor inspiration. Both of her images above translate her color scheme, furnishings and accessories in vivid detail.


I like the way designer Azura Liyana combines different elements of her personal style (left), from fashion to home decor. It really reflects her tastes - and mine.  I really enjoy her website, too.  Every image is art! Magnifique!  Above right, Your Decorating Hotline offers a thoroughly modern interior design viewpoint on this mood board.

Go ahead, get creative. It will be fun to see a visual representation of who you are, what you're planning and the things you love!

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