Saturday, November 27, 2010

A la carte Paris ...

Because I have traveled a great deal due to client work, I am often asked for recommendations in a variety of cities. "What hotel do you recommend in Rome?" "What are the best restaurants in San Francisco?" "When is the best time to go to Buenos Aires?" "Where is the best place to host a meeting in Warsaw?"

This is a photo I took at one of my favorite spots to relax, enjoy the sunshine and people watch at the Jardin des Tuileries.

But, the question I hear most often is, "Where do you stay when you go to Paris?" Well, there are two answers. When I've had to stay onsite for a conference, my accommodations are generally at a hotel, like the Paris Hilton. I've also stayed in sweet, little boutique hotels with a dozen rooms or less that have been adequate for sleeping.

But, when I visit Paris for personal pleasure, I rent an apartment.

While there are dozens of Paris apartment rental companies on the internet, I now only book through A la Carte Paris. They came highly recommended to me several years ago by a respected client, and I have not been disappointed. The company manages some of the very best apartments in the city center, with professionally decorated interiors that provide an authentic experience of daily life in Paris.

My husband and I try to make an annual trip to the City of Light, and I'm rather picky about comfortable accommodations.

The 'tres chic' A la Carte Paris apartments are always a delightful mix of antiques and contemporary furnishings and accessories.
This is a photo of one of the two-bedroom apartments (in the 6 arr.) we've rented previously.

All of the A la Carte Paris apartments are in the prime, central Paris neighborhoods or border the first 8 arrondissements (the only locations I select for my visits) - very upscale, safe areas filled with great restaurants, shops, monuments and museums, with convenient access to the Metro. I personally prefer the Right Bank, but there are absolutely fabulous pied-à-terre properties on the Left Bank as well.

Every apartment is fully-equipped and comes stocked with housewares and linens along with a tailored guidebook that provides a wealth of local information for quick familiarity with everything needed during your stay.

Owner Alex Wagner and his English-speaking staff are friendly and efficient during the booking process and throughout the stay. I'm always pleased with their hospitality and find comfort in the knowledge that I can reach them day or night if the need arises.

I've often thought that when it's time to retire, I would like to own an investment property in Paris that I could call home for 6 months each year and rent during my absence.

If that comes to pass, A la Carte Paris owns a sister company A la Carte Invest that can handle every detail on my behalf.

I love the way they can provide everything needed to locate, negotiate purchases, remodel, decorate and manage investment properties on behalf of their apartment owners.  All I can say is, "Sign me up!"

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