Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Project: Baubles and beads

I'm serving leftovers. That's right. My holiday table centerpiece (shown below) is a new conglomeration of old leftovers - baubles, beads, oversized ornaments, ribbon, fruit and greenery assembled on a repurposed antique tray. That was easy!

It really takes little effort to achieve great results. The images from Country Living magazine (below) show the many ways that homeowners have decked their tables with seasonal shimmer.

Sure, ornaments under glass add sparkle to the dining table, like the photo below via Design Musing. But, check out the hubba-hubba, super lux, ruffled tablecloth in gold silk. That kind of holiday decadance takes my breath away! Forget about the centerpiece, just set a bottle of wine here with a couple of goblets, and I'm ready to celebrate. If Johnny Depp is available, send him in. I think he would fit perfectly in this scene, too! He can hold the other wine glass I'm not using.

Christmas seems like the perfect opportunity to dust off the Mercury glass and give it a starring role during the holidays. Below left, the silvered glass makes a festive tabletop display in this photo via Hooked on Houses (left).

I bring out my Mercury glass vase (above right) for the holidays, too. Filled with florals and greenery, it brings a bit of cheer to the hearth. Note that I add cushions to the hearth when there's no fire. This adds a bit of extra seating for guests.

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