Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello, dollies ...

Have you ever been awestruck by someone's creativity? I was blown away the moment I saw the artistic talent of Margaux Lange. Using salvaged Barbie doll parts in combination with sterling silver and resins, Lange has created an astounding art jewelry collection, entitled Plastic Body Series.

Upcycling a cultural icon like Barbie (and her mate, Ken) is a result of Lange's desire to produce handmade, wearable art that sustains a link to her favorite childhood doll.  Her 40 Giggles Bracelet (above) resonates with humor and tactile charm.

Lange's work has become a favorite of art jewelry collectors and Barbie aficionados alike.  I am a real fan of bold statements, and Lange is one artist who turns the spotlight on her work and those who love to wear it.

Lange's Bubble Gum Pop Neckpiece (left) and Busted Heart Pendant (right) are strikingly witty. She has been honing the satirical artistry in this series and exhibiting extensively for nearly 10 years. I'm guessing the Plastic Body Series will live on for quite some time. You should see the dozens and dozens of plastic storage boxes filled with doll parts in her studio.

While you can find her work in art jewelry galleries and boutiques across the US and abroad, you can also check out her Etsy store for shopping online. I spotted her Queen E. Pendant (above) in her custom portfolio. It's mine, all mine. I want it, and I want it now.


The Quote Bubble Brooch (left) is just too cute! If wearing any one of these doesn't start a conversation, nothing will. And, if you ever feel like you need a bit of cheer, Lange's Holding Hands Necklace will certainly be smile-inducing.

Lange's bio states "that her jewelry has been published in numerous books and has garnered international press coverage in the world’s top art, fashion and design magazines." All well-deserved praise for Lange's artistic genius. Congrats, Margaux. Your work is fabulous!

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