Saturday, November 20, 2010

Before & After: Outbuilding bouquet

Don't you just wish you could take a paintbrush to a building's exterior and really make a dramatic statement? Forget the neighbors, ignore expectations and let creativity flow all over old walls. Today's Before & After shows how a bit of inspiration can take a building from dilapidated disaster to retro fabulous.

Krystina and her husband Brian bought a neglected Tampa property with this seriously ugly tack room adjoining an overgrown stable.
Following some heavy cleaning, Krystina painted a fresh basecoat of white on the concrete block walls, then, stenciled various sized flowers, filling each with one of three complementary, earthtone paints.

What was a little forelorn outbuilding is now a cheerful salute to art and nature!

Krystina was inspired by a bouquet of flower 'graffiti' she saw under a bridge (below) when visiting Miami during the annual Art Basel festivities several years ago. While art gurus and patrons visit Miami to see cutting edge art in galleries big and small, Krystina came away from the December festival with an urge to apply a fresh, hip paint technique to her own outdoor space one day.

After buying a property this year with outbuildings in need of TLC, Krystina knew that one of the small, bland structures would make a perfect canvas for applying a paint treatment true to her inspiration (above).

Nice transformation, Krystina!
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