Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sew easy wearables ...

It's that time of year when I start going gaga over beautiful cashmere pashminas and silk shawls. Really, it's a fantasy. I live in Texas where, at best, there are maybe three or four cold days in the depth of winter. But, a girl can dream and still find a way to incorporate these fabulous fabrics into her wardrobe when traveling.

The colors and textures of these textiles really appeal to the bricoleur in me, so when I spotted a lovely prayer shawl at World Market, I knew it had to take it to my studio for a bit of alteration.

Using a simple, two-piece McCalls pattern and spending less than an hour of my time, I transformed the inexpensive shawl into a summer top that can be worn over a coordinating camisole.

When the weather does turn chilly, this lighter-than-air top can be layered with a long sleeved top and cinched with a belt without adding bulk. Perfect with jeans!

I'm on a roll after cleaning out my scarf drawer. Lo and behold, I found a scarf from Japan (a gift received years ago from a friend) that I never wore because I had nothing to match.


After a brief stint at the sewing machine, this colorful jewel of a top is ready to mix and match with crop pants or jeans. And, I just love the random, beaded detail that was on the original scarf and retained in its new incarnation.

This easy sewing project has led to another version of the pattern, incorporating complementary fabrics from two old sundresses into one new garment. This brilliant technique is used with great creative flare by my artist friend, Cynthia Korzekwa.

And, now I'm thinking a gorgeous pashmina would make a to-die-for piece for layering during the cool months ahead. No problem, I purchased two identical scarves this weekend to create a long-sleeved version of this quick-sew top.

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