Friday, October 8, 2010

Responding to red ...

'Drying blood' is probably not a good choice for a color name - I've never seen it written in a fan deck. But, it best describes one of the few reds that I like. It's not so much that I dislike other reds, I just prefer its intensity, and, even used sparingly, its ability to be a scene-stealer.

Maybe that's my real problem with reds in general. Too much is not a good thing for me - it is overwhelming, its energy makes me bounce from floor to ceiling, and I certainly don't need to enhance my appetite with the shade of marinara sauce on my walls. I think the bigger problem is that so few people get this tricky color right.

But, I have found some design gurus who obviously know a thing or two about harnessing the power of red to create stunning rooms that even I would cherish.

When you visit Paris, let Paris Perfect find you a lovely rental apartment like this one. In this classic Parisien flat, there is just the right amount of red to liven the space without overpowering it. A couple of lampshades, striped and gingham pillow covers, simple floral arrangements and throw are all it takes to give some punch to this otherwise monochromatic living area. 

Red gingham always says 'American country' to me. But, in the photo via Country Living magazine, it is used to upholster a French chair in a way that really gives it a refined look more commonly associated with Provencal design.

Right, designer Todd Moore creates a truly transitional bedroom with antique beds dressed in an earthy, tomato red. The room looks stunning with the restricted use of this bold color. Again, like the rooms above, the remainder of the space is very toned down with whites and neutrals.

When it is time to go 'country' or step back in time with a vintage look, nothing beats red to send the message. Above, a child's little red wagon has been given new life as a serving tray, and it contrasts with the white-washed table and bookshelves beautifully. Cathe Holden, the artisan behind Just Something I Made, is the design talent who crafted this brilliant accessory and styled the bookcase as well.

Need just a hit of color to give your treehouse some pizazz? Let an antique rug take centerstage.

Here, the varying shades of red on the rug play against the earthy wood tones beautifully.

I have no clue when or where I collected this photo, but I have kept it for some time without any idea what I would do with it. I can't bear to ask my sweet hubby to build one more project on our property ... well, at least not just yet. When I do, I think a treehouse just like this one would suit me just fine.

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Krystina said...

You do need a treehouse...I'll help build it!

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