Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pretty in zinc ...

I have a serious case of zinc lust! There is just something about the tactile patina of a zinc surface that makes me want to run my fingers across its smooth finish.

My first episode of zinc-phoria was in a lovely little Paris garden shop off rue St. Honoré. A handsome galvanized tabletop dressed a rustic wood frame, and from that moment on, I was hooked.

While I didn't take a photo that day of the truly fabulous table, I have since been collecting pictures to inspire and remind me of that brief encounter that led to a lasting love.

Here's a little peek at some of my favorite zinc furnishings, including this table at left (very similar to my inspiration table) made by some brilliant Brits at Quirky Interiors.

The zinc-topped garden tables above would look great at my place, just in case anyone wants to know what I would love for Christmas. Images via European Antique Market in Lexington, Kentucky (left) and Melissa Edleman Antiquaire in Higland Park, Illinois.

This beautiful outdoor table (above) is sold through Harbinger, Los Angeles. Design and photo by Lucas Studio, Inc.

Is there any way to break the magnetic attraction to these pieces? I am being pulled to the pedestal table (above) with such force, and I have no clue where I collected this image.

I have been salivating over this amazing bookcase (right) that was offered at the 1st Dibs web store.  No doubt, somewhere in Paris, a rooftop window is missing its pediment. What a spectacular transformation of architectural salvage!

The zinc trend that shows real staying power in design magazines and home decor catalogs is the conversion of antique architectural fragments and industrial items into interior accessories. Above (left) Clayton Gray Home shows off a finial that has been transformed into a chic lamp, while the great French fabric bins (right) can come to the rescue when more storage is needed, or a plant needs a new home.

If I ever build that lakeside or beach cottage, I'm thinking that a zinc counter top might just be the perfect bathroom surface! The humble bath counter at left is available through Wisteria.  The tempting zinc dining table photo (above right) is via LLH Designs.

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