Saturday, October 16, 2010

Living la vida bonita ...

The beauty of Spanish style, both colonial and modern, has inspired designers and decorators worldwide. Since I live in a city with a great deal of authentic, Spanish colonial architecture, it stands to reason that this design influence is near and dear to my heart. But, after a visit to Barcelona, I also came to appreciate modern, minimalist spaces as well.

Love the tiled mosaic in this Barcelona reception area (left). Check out the great desk, too. I never overlook showrooms when traveling. I've seen some of the most impressive interiors in manufacturer's showrooms like this one (right).

Spanish photographer Jordi Canosa has captured some of the most beautiful homes in Spain for the country's premier decor magazines, including this modern interior (above) in Barcelona. His lens captures the captivating charm of homes throughout the country, including those shown below.


Photos below from Espacio Living magazine.

Photos via Interior Design Advice and House Beautiful (left and right below) show off the signature, bright colors of modern Spanish style.

HGTV (upper left, below) and KAA Design Group show how dark woods contribute to the rich texture that is synonymous with Spanish colonial design.

Below, Lyndall Hobbs Design (left) and Nikiomahe (right) show how to create drama from floor to ceiling.

Spanish photographer Jordi Canosa's photo of this home in Ampurda, Spain captures the warmth and character of the inviting bath and bedroom.

The Pamilla Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico draws heavily from the Spanish colonial use of ironwork. What a way to make a beautiful exit.

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