Friday, October 15, 2010

A designer Margarita ...

Would you ever think that four pounds of colored rubber bands could become a fabulous Margarita confection? Not likely. But, let me explain. New York architect Margarita Mileva stepped outside of her professional discipline to connect her design skills with her love of jewelry and fashion by creating her M2 line of haute couture wearable art and accessories.

With rubber bands has her material of choice, Margarita (in collaboration with her daughter, Iva) has manipulated the bands' unique texture and pastel color palette to create art/fashion from the most utilitarian of materials. I adore her rubber band dress (above and below) that was selected to participate in the Indianapolis Museum of Art's Project IMA: Fashion Unbound.

The inspired M2 rubber band necklaces (below) were shown in the Chicago a.DOT exhibition, curated by Chicago Women in Architecture.

And, to think I was just using these things to hold stuff together!

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