Monday, August 30, 2010

When in Rome ...

Korzekwa's Los Ojos studio
... do as the bricoleuse do. What, you've never heard of a bricoleur? "A bricoleur has the power to take something old and, via context, make it new," according to the Texas-born artist Cynthia Korzekwa. From her colorful Los Ojos studio in the San Lorenzo neighborhood of Rome, where she now lives in Italy, Korzekwa creates sculptural compositions using pre-existing elements. She literally converts trash to treasure.

For more than seven years, the artist has concerned herself with humans' impact on planet Earth and how recycling as an art form can lessen our carbon footprint. She conducts recycling workshops in Rome (generally in fall through early spring) and at her La Sussarrata studio in Parikia, Paros, Greece in late spring and summer - teaching others how to transform household discards into artistic treasures.

Joyful jewelry crafted from household waste.
Baskets woven from recycled papers

Details of a reconstructed, handstitched huipil made from recycled fabrics

Korzekwa has gained an international following with a line of reconstructed clothing she calls 'Muy Marcottage' (from the French term 'marcottage' – an art term used to indicate a sculptural composition that’s been made using pre-existing elements.) Disassembling one thing to create another, she artfully hand-stitches swatches of fabric taken from clothes in her closet to create new signature pieces that are bold, reinvented and completely wearable art forms.

The Anthy and Costas showing of 'Dialectical Dresses' by Cynthia Korzekwa in Voutakos, Greece

Her favorite design silhouette is a refreshing take on the huipil, a free-flowing blouse or dress introduced and worn by the Mayan civilization throughout the territory that we currently know as Mexico and Central America. Via the Spanish influence, the huipil immigrated to South Texas –shaping Korzekwa's artistic vision for today's reconstructed fashion. Her recent Greek exhibition, 'Dialectical Dresses,' showcased her success as an reconstruction artist, environmentalist and couturier.

Cynthia Korzekwa
If you're interested in learning how to create domestic art from rubbish, Korzekwa has illustrated and hand-written a book on the subject entitled, Arte per Massaie (Art for Housewives). It is available in paperback with both Italian and English text.

To learn more about Cynthia Korzekwa and her work, visit her blogs at:


cynthia korzekwa said...

Wow! ευχαριστώ πολύ!

Aeoliak said...

nice the book.. ART OF HOUSEWIFES, thanks Cynthia.. grande artista..

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