Monday, August 23, 2010

Under the Tuscan Bun

Unfortunately, I didn’t travel to Italy this summer. But, that hasn't stopped me from eating like a Tuscan tourist almost daily! As part of my new 'Eat Better, Eat Less' philosophy, I've started making lunch much more interesting and satisfying with healthy, flavorful foods.

A summer crostini on toasted artisan bread with chopped
bresaola, olive oil and apples
This year, most of my summer lunch dishes have come from a yummy little cookbook that I've had stashed away for quite some time. (Yes, I will admit to buying cookbooks, then, leaving them to languish on the kitchen bookshelf.) But, Prosciutto Pancetta Salame – Cooking with the cured meats of Italy deserved another look.

It has great, easy-to-make recipes (with pictures, alleluia) along with fascinating details on cured meats and cheeses that make Italian meals among the world's very best.

Prosciutto Pancetta Salame is one of the artisan cookbooks from author and chef Pamela Sheldon Johns. She shares a wealth of elegant and simple dishes that are the heart and soul of Italian menus.

Johns' book is beautifully photographed by Joyce Oudkerk Pool.

Johns lives on her farm in central Italy – hosting wine and food workshops in Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Campania and Piemonte – and has written companion cookbooks, including Parmigiano!, Balsamico! and Gelato!.

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